Assam Police gifts books to Karimganj College to aid students in competitive exam preparation

Karimganj : On Wednesday, the Director General or Police on behalf of the Assam Police, gifted several books to Karimganj College aimed to aid students in their preparations for various competitive exams at the state and all-india level.

The Karimganj Police Superintendent, Partha Pratim Das, visited Karimganj College on Wednesday afternoon and handed over the books to the college principal, Dr. Ramanuj Chakraborty, in the presence of the students.

Das mentioned that the books were being handed over to Karimganj College under the initiative of the Director General of Assam Police, JP Singh. He noted that the books cover all subjects including history, geography and politics, and will be useful for students who are interested in preparing for UPSC, APSC exams among other competitive exams. Dr. Chakraborty welcomed this initiative of the Assam Police Director General and expressed his appreciation for the police officials who brought the books to the college.

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