Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Erosion causes panic among Hailakandi villagers

Hailakandi : Large scale soil erosion of an embankment of the Dhaleswari river in Killarbak in southern Hailakandi haa resulted in many houses and trees being swallowed up by the river causing panic among the local residents. According to local people, soil erosion has been a major problem in Killarbak and its neighbouring areas for the past many years, but this year the problem has taken a terrible shape with several houses and trees getting engulfed by the river in the past few weeks. Despite the fact that the erosion has been posing a threat to life and property, the authorities concerned did not take any steps to repair the river’s dyke. The local people alleged. They said the erosion has caused panic among the locals and many have already moved to safe places leaving their houses. the entire village may get swallowed up by the river if its embankment is not repaired soon, they claimed. Further they sought the intervention or MP Kripanath‌ Mallah and MLA Sujam Uddin Laskar into theke matter.

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