Monday, October 3, 2022

NGO Myra extends a helping hand to the flood victims

Hridoy Debnath : This is the toughest time for the people of Assam as the flood and landslides have caused extensive damage in different parts of Assam including Barak Valley. Thousands of people have lost their lives. Various organizations and NGOs including young boys of Barak, have come forward to help the needy people in this harsh time.

To help the people in their tough time the director of Myra Creations- NGO MYRA, Dr. Smita Deb came forward to stand by these flood victims.

Dr. Deb who is also Mrs. Universe Lovely 2018 and the Executive Director Manoj M.J., Mr. Universe 2018 took this initiative and provided relief to more than 200 affected people of Shilcoori, Silchar and Karimganj.

On the first day they distributed relief to the flood affected people of Silcoori, Silchar. While on the second day the distribution was done to the affected people of Karimganj who are currently in the Government Boys’ School. The distribution materials include bread, biscuits, puffed rice, jam, cake and maggi.

Dr. Smita Dev and MJ Manoj couldn’t attend the affected people as both of them are stationed at Guwahati & Bongaigaon respectively and the road conditions has not been restored yet well to travel right now, so the team thanked young & enthusiastic Subho Das, Vikram Das(Asst. Professor at R.K Nagar B.Ed College),
Arindam Das & Saubhik Roy, for joining hands with them to make the task successful. All of them went to the affected places, heard the story of the affected people and then handed over the essential materials to them.

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