‘Rape and Murder ‘ – Hindi rap song by HRidaY to create awareness in Society

A number of rape cases in India have put a spotlight on the issue of gender-based attacks in the country. Cases like Nirbhaya, Unnao and Kathua draw attention to the fact that women or girls are still not safe. Also a 3-month-old minor girl was allegedly raped in Uttar Pradesh. Rape Culture affects every people. Following the shameful incidents of brutal gang-rapes and murders of women or girls, HRidaY DEBNATH – a 22-year-old boy, from Assam’s Silchar took an amazing initiative by making a Hindi rap song (lyrically) ‘Rape and Murder’ to raise the awareness about the shameful acts and shocking incidents in the society.

Over the years there has been a great deal of negative publicity devoted to the treatment of sexual assault victims by the criminal justice system. In the past, victims often felt that they, rather than the rapist, were on trial. Rape is a crime which affects all members of society – its victims and those close to them. The more informed citizens are about the crime of rape, the better prepared they will be to prevent it. Rape is a non-bailable offense in the Indian penal code. Some researchers say the rape problem in India is not just a legal issue, as one cannot ignore its social aspects.

Rape is the fourth most common crime against female in India. Repeated rape cases have angered many Indians. Some are now demanding the capital punishment for rapists. And there have also been calls for authorities to publicly hang the culprits.

Through the rap song, Rapper HRidaY wanted to create a complete and meaningful rape awareness in his lyrics by utilizing facts. He aims to shed light on the seriousness of the problem and encourages awareness. The song emphasizes that awareness and education are the most effective ways to prevent rape.

He added, ‘Don’t make rape jokes. A criminal rapes a woman because of their hatred for the other gender – whether a girl wears a saree, a dress, or jeans, it has nothing to do with provocation. It’s learned that women sexually assault men or boys after marriage also. Incidents like Lucknow, where women became role models for the misuse of women empowerment, should not be tolerated.’

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