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Barak Valley youths launch SOCIAL BLOOD to bridge the gap of blood shortage

Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. SOCIAL BLOOD is the perfect platform for blood donors and recipients who don’t know where to go and what to do. A cloud based website SOCIAL BLOOD was founded in 2019 by a computer science student Hriday Debnath along with co-founders colleagues Rajdeep Deb, Kamaldip Purkayastha, Shantanu Chakraborty amd Joy Prokash Das. SOCIAL BLOOD aims at developing a Web-Based Blood Donation System or Platform, the website permits and allows blood donors to offer blood donation, patient parties to raise request or search for their preferred blood group. It contributes towards society and improving the digital experience responsibly. The online platform offers free service to its users without the involvement of brokers.

Blood Donation requires instant visibility across data sources and access to dynamic analyses. However Blood Donation to patients, perform in-stream medical advice, remains a challenging problem. Blood banks always suffer frequent shortage of blood due to lack of blood donations, hence blood donation requests are frequently seen on social media for patients who urgently require blood transfusion with specific blood group.

Recently, worldwide efforts have been undertaken to utilise social media, websites and smart phone applications to make the blood donation process more convenient and provide a concrete information system that allows donors, recipients and blood donation centers to communicate efficiently and coordinate with each other to minimize time and effort required for blood donation process.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for patient party or donor parties to donate or collect blood. When faced with such critical situation, generally people fail to contact the Blood Bank services directly and end up in the hands of middlemen. Sometimes they extract extra commission from the patient parties thereby enhancing the rate for such services.

Keeping this aspect in mind, 5 youths from Assam’s Barak Valley have come up with easy to available “SOCIAL BLOOD” user friendly and easy to use secured and trusted online platform. They have assured and claimed to provide the patient parties opportunities to raise request and search for blood they need. To avail this broker-free and agent-free SOCIAL BLOOD service, they have launched campaigns in various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Koo, Instagram and WhatsApp. For availing their services, can be reached through their official website HTTPS://SOCIALBLOOD.IN

SOCIAL BLOOD is integrated with advanced, unique, easy to use and secure features on the web like live chat, emergency call, user to user live chat, database and OTP verification that offer a smooth and responsive features to the blood donors and recipients. Nowadays generation is busy and always searching for quick solution and idea but in secure way, the demand for blood services is boosted and it’s needed in day to day life and this platform will be really helpful towards society and community.

Speaking to media SOCIAL BLOOD officials said, “Our goal to connect donors and recipients together and bridge the gap of blood shortage. Volunteers have a great heart and their participation and contribution prove this. We would like to thank from the buttom of my heart, “THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE A LOVED ONE”. If SOCIAL BLOOD community can help or through this voluntary independent platform someone is getting a ray of hope in life then it’s enough and have done something wonderful.”

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